15mm.co.uk fantasy buildings complete

As mentioned in my last post, I’d jumped on board when 15mm.co.uk recently released a rather fine set of resin fantasy inspired buildings.

They are rather nice and paint up well (I think). I do have a couple of observations;

  • To my mind they are scaled spot on for 15mm ‘old school’. With the current scale creep that makes them a little ‘dainty’ for 18mm. Having said that, it’s common practice for many to scale-down on terrain for best results.
  • They are very ‘fantasy’ so if your a stickler for ‘historical authenticity’ they are not going to double up for medieval or early renaissance for you. They’re fine for me! Having said that, they’ve clearly avoided the OTT fantasy paraphernalia that you’d see on the GW Manor House for example (which is a great set btw if only for the wall components).
  • I’ve been happy to settle for Graffam style paper buildings for quite some time. They are fun to build and look good on a table (and cheap – I’ll post a pic of the medieval city I built a couple of years ago). However, put one of these resin models next to a paper model and the difference is very notable. I think it’s one or the other, and not both mixed in together. An observation, not a criticism!

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Fantasy vibe terrain (randomness)

I’ve a bunch of terrain shots in my media library that don’t in themselves represent anything else other than me messing about with table setups whilst either painting or building bits of terrain elements. Apart from in my head there isn’t really a specific purpose.

So I thought I’d dump them here as they might spark ideas in others or more direction for myself… Continue reading Fantasy vibe terrain (randomness)

Barbary Corsair Pirates in 15mm

I wanted an ‘historical’ opponent for the growing horde of pirates I’ve accumulated (other than undead and rats, coming soon) and these  Barbary Corsair Pirates seemed to fit the bill. They will also double nicely as Arabian Nights foes in fantasy or pulp settings (I do love multi-purpose miniatures).

They are from 2 different manufacturers. Most are from the States – Thoroughbred Miniatures (pack link here – TB01T 15mm Tripoli Pirates). Great service.

The others are from War Modelling Miniatures (Spain) but their site appears to be down at the moment so I cannot confirm pack details. They are mostly the ‘command’ figures and are really nice miniatures. Facebook here.

15mm Barbary Corsair Pirates
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The Red Berets from Micropanzer – 15mm sci fi

I’ve been away on holiday with rather poor internet connectivity so the blog went on the back burner for a bit. Back now with a batch of figures all painted up waiting to get photographed (better than previous efforts I hope). I still have a bit of a backlog which includes these chaps from Micropanzer. I’m not 100% sure on the status of Micropanzer but trading has ceased for the time being and I think I made a big order (with big discount) just before shop shut.

As a result I can’t properly identify which codes or troops these are but they are clearly near-future types sporting fine (red) berets. A Google search would suggest they are SAS troops. Overall I really like Micropanzer models – the only gripe I have is the tendency to re-purpose a lot of body sculpts (and therefore poses and weaponry) across different troop types and forces. Continue reading The Red Berets from Micropanzer – 15mm sci fi