Guards! Guards!: A 15mm Frostgrave Empire warband

The folks at Ral Partha Europe who are looking after the Demonworld range of 15mm fantasy miniatures are doing a pretty good job. Their Blighthaven range of composite warbands drawn from the extensive range available to them make fantasy skirmishing games a breeze to get started with.15mm Demonworld Ral Partha Empire City Guard for FrostgraveTo quote RPE: “The Demonworld range of miniatures are in our opinion some of the best 15mm figures currently available.” I agree full heartedly. There are others out there that are also very very good but Demonworld are easily up there in the top three. Continue reading Guards! Guards!: A 15mm Frostgrave Empire warband

City Town Terrain for Mordheim or Frostgrave fantasy games

I’m not a terribly focussed terrain builder/maker as is probably evident from the end results of my tables. They tend to evolve and acquire increasing amounts of clutter over time without a great deal of consideration for consistency – I’ll mix resin, plastic, card, paper and foam core with 2d and 3d to suit.

The base for this table are 10″ square wooden panels. They were cut down from ‘left-over’ slotted panels used on wooden wine cases that I use as shelving for paints and miniature storage. They have a magnetic sheet covering and on top of that I printed out a portion of Pwork Darkburg paper terrain battlemap. Very Mordheim in flavour.

Some of the buildings and features appeared on another recent ‘Fantasy Venice’ attempt which follows a similar theme to this setup.

City Town Terrain for Mordheim or Frostgrave fantasy games
Some German Infantry (plastic HO/20mm scale) test out some Dave Graffam paper ruin terrain that has been based and bulked up with foam core. In the foreground a lone Splintered Light hero awaits a Blue Moon werewolf’s advances.

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Multi-scale Zombiesmith Kuld for various genres

Once again, 28mm miniatures, but ideal (if not even better) for 15mm deployment. I’d spotted these fellas a while back but Zombiesmith is yet another US based company and unless I can muster a arge enough order I tend to leave it. Lo and behold some came up on eBay UK at a really good price. Bingo! (To those who wait…)

Needlesstosay, these guys are both cute and horrible at the same time. No doubt exactly as they are meant to be. It doesn’t take a leap of imagination to see how they can be re-purposed for a whole range of genres let alone the 15/28mm flexibility.

28mm Kuld from Zombiesmith I liked the blue used on the Zombiesmith website so I copied that scheme but broke it up a bit with the tan coloured underside and added some tribal markings. What you see below is half the pack, one of each sculpt. Should I paint the other hald I’ll try a different scheme. Continue reading Multi-scale Zombiesmith Kuld for various genres

Oddzial Osmy 15mm Insurgents, Rebels or Post Apocalypse/Zombie Survivors

I recently posted about some blood sucking vampires from Poland. From the same stable come these rather brilliant 15mm Insurgents. Call them what you will, but for me they are some of those great multi-functional character models that will slot in to Post Apocalypse, Sci Fi or even modern conflicts in some cases.

Oddzial Osmy 15mm Insurgents Rebels Post Apocalypse SurvivorsWhat you see below are about half the models I bought that span several packs. Again, bought from Assault Publishing during a recent sale they ran. Check this page – I basically bought one of everything.

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15mm Spec Ops: Hell Divers from Clear Horizon Miniatures

I’ve invested quite a bit in to Clear Horizon including a recent KickStarter yet these are the only chaps I’ve actually got painted up as yet. This is, I believe, the Omega Hell Diver Squad. Generally I like the sculpts and poses available – I’ve just too many Special Ops troops now to make them ‘special’ anymore…

Better images here on the Clear Horizon site.

15mm Hell Divers from Clear Horizon Miniatures 15mm Hell Divers from Clear Horizon Miniatures

More confessions

As agreed, Jo at Oathsworn got in touch regards their recent Kickstarter. As you may have read I recently invested in the full range of their earlier Kickstarter.

Well, despite the ‘gamer guilt’ of doing that and despite being torn with my commitment to 15mm, I managed to out do myself again. I must admit, I was more controlled with respect to how many of the current KS miniatures I bought – only 9 compared to the whole range last time. However, I did make the mistake of looking at even earlier Oathsworn KSs and foolishly asked the question regards availability of the older models. Jo is far too good at customer services!

Sadly not all 16 of the dwarves from this KS were in stock. I had to settle for 12. And of the halfling Kickstarter – I am only getting 8 from that particular KS.

It’s almost like a mental floodgate has opened now that I have decided that it is now okay for me to dabble once again in the 28mm scale. Continue reading More confessions