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Appealing for Non-Metallic Metal assistance: Oathsworn Haggis

I am not happy with the way that my first (proper) attempt at NMM (Non-Metallic Metals) is turning out so I thought I’d appeal to the wider community to any assistance/pointers/comments to help me move on with this.

This is a very nice model from Oathsworn and I wanted to do it justice (maybe NMM isn’t the way to do that but more on that later).

Stage 1: This is the first run. WIP – Conclusion: Okay.



Stage 2: This is the second run: I realised that NMM relies heavily on contrast so more contrast was added to the armour and a bit more work on the cloak.IMG_6730_15mm_miniatures IMG_6729_15mm_miniatures

Stage 3: This is where the mini is at the moment. Technically ‘finished’ but I’m not happy with the sword in particular. Armour okay. I Googled NMM scimitar swords to see how others managed the reflection on that type of shape but to no avail.

28mm Oathsworn28mm Oathsworn 28mm Oathsworn 28mm Oathsworn

I’m very tempted to ditch the NMM altogether and return to my metallics – but I’d rather get a handle on NMM!

If anyone can help with references or helpful comments would be much appreciated.

Narrative not relating to NMM issue (Skip this if you are only interested in helping with the painting block problem).

I’ve harkened on about Oathsworn’s miniatures (and here) before now and the chap above is the first of many to get painted. I chose him because I wanted to paint him up as my cat, Haggis, who happened to be posing nearby when I was selecting what to paint next.

Part of me wished the model had more of his back exposed so that I could capture more of Haggis’ distinctive pattern. Maybe the next cat model.

Here’s Haggis.

Haggis my Cat Haggis my Cat

On the NMM front. Personally I’m not sure how much I like it. Sometimes painted examples look absolutely amazing. Sometimes they look like cartoons. Sometime they look like Haggis – half baked (the miniature, not the flesh and blood version).

I’ll give it a bit more time and might make my next attempt at it an Infinity miniature which seems a good fit to the style – Studio Giraldez seems to use NMM throughout and their Infinity paint jobs are quite brilliant.

By the by, the Haggis’ ‘purchase and paint’ justification is for some 25/28mm Frostgrave gaming. If I ever do get round to gaming anything…

5 thoughts on “Appealing for Non-Metallic Metal assistance: Oathsworn Haggis”

  1. Both Haggis’s are beautiful… the furry and the metal kind 🙂
    Your painting is lovely, I think you’ve done a great job using NMM, and it really popped when you made more of the contrast, making the lights lighter and the darks darker, that really made a difference. Well done…I love your terrain too, really cool 🙂

  2. Hmmm, yes, the dreaded NMM, I have often contemplated taking that step, but I agree it’s something you need to get just right to look good, and it’s a lot of work, your attempt isn’t to bad for a first go, I think the right side of the sword looks good, but the left side less so, maybe the thick lighter line needs to be tapered a little, thinner towards the hilt end, not sure. Here’s the kicker, even though it doesn’t look to bad and is a good attempt, because it needs to be perfect to look right I think your better off using mettalics, what I would do is practice on spare minis until you get it right, then paint your prized minis. The rest of the mini is very nice.
    As far as the cat goes, I had 2 who looked exactly like yours, I’m not really a cat person, (they were my daughters) but they were both really good cats, lots of character, unfortunately they have both passed.

    1. Thanks Dan. Yes, a little more work needed. I’ll crack out the airbrush for the last attempt. Failing that I’ll repaint in metallics I think. Not sure it is a.) worth the extra effort (in terms or training and time on the brush) or even b.) that I like the aesthetic enough to even bother. (See comment about Infinity minis).

      As to Haggis – I’m the only ‘cat’ person in the house. But I’m also a ‘dog’ and ‘horse’ person too! He gets a hard time form the rest of the family because he’s so more independent and strong willed than the rest (he’s the smallest but boss of all). He’s loyal, affectionate, gentle, doesn’t need walked and he’s a good hunter. And smells a lot better than the dogs! And he talks.

  3. Thanks Jo – Haggis’s or Haggi? I dunno and I’m a Scot.

    FYI He’s called Haggis because we ‘rescued’ him on Burn’s Night. Also his colouring and pattern looks a bit like an uncooked Haggis. Purr-fect name for him.

    As to the painting – normally I can look at a mini and say ‘Yup, that’s done’. This guy though isn’t right and it’s mostly to do with that sword.

    If you guys ever do any more anthropomorphic minis can I request a Labrador, Collie and a Horse? Then I can paint up the rest of the animal family (I’d need 3 of the horses…)

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