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Zombicide Black Plague – Base Game Characters painted up

I’ll admit this now – if you ask me for a game of Zombicide Black Plague and expect me to turn up with my set ‘completely painted’ I’m afraid you will be disappointed. Maybe in 2020.

I’ve a couple of sets of the ‘modern’ Zombicide and of those, one set is about 50% completed – bought 2013/14. I posted some pics in this post from last year.

As I said recently I remain well impressed by the quality of the miniatures that come with CMON games. Whilst some are slightly cartoony (which I don’t mind personally) the Black Plague miniatures would easily double-duty for other 28mm fantasy skirmish games. (Coming soon post – the Monty Python and the Holy Grail characters as the basis for a Frostgrave warband). Indeed, I was pleased to see on a recent visit to the Falkirk Wargames Club that both character and zombie models from Black Plague were being happily used for Frostgrave encounters.

Rambling aside, here are the based-set characters that come with Zombicide Black Plague. As you can probably see, I’ve just kept to the colour scheme from the game artwork so that they tie in with the character cards.

CMON Zombicide Black Plague character miniatures painted CMON Zombicide Black Plague character miniatures painted Continue reading Zombicide Black Plague – Base Game Characters painted up

Men in Black meet Bond meet Zombicide meet Yakuza

I’d painted up these fine gentlemen from Rebel Minis a few months ago. What are they? Take your pick from;

  • Men-in-Black
  • Mr Smiths (the Matrix)
  • 70’s Gangsters (or Reservoir Dogs)
  • Yakuza
  • Government agents

Link to Rebel Minis site

15mm gangsters yakuza pulp modern men-in-black miniaturesIn other words, quite useful for any kind of sinister type in a modern period. Having said that, not entirely sure WHERE I was going to use them! (Fistful of Kung Fu in 15mm?) Continue reading Men in Black meet Bond meet Zombicide meet Yakuza

Gamer Confessions: Those bloody (Kickstarter) buses…

If you back a Kickstarter you hope its going to be fulfilled. Even better when it’s on time. But I wasn’t prepared for them all arriving at the same blinking time! I’m sure their creators have conspired to have delivery of pledges all to fall in the same space of a few weeks.

Here is the confession – what I’ve received in the course of the last few weeks, why I fell for it in the first place and what I thought of the goodies when they arrived.

Summary Verdict:
 High is good.
Guilt Burden: Low is good.

Zombicide: Black Plague
First off a real chunk of gaming-goodness arrived – Zombicide Black Plague in it’s entirety (Base game + expansion and add-ons). In short, nigh on two hundred 28mm miniatures (no, I’m not going to count them).
Summary Verdict: Awesome. I was hopeful for good quality (for plastic) miniatures and was suitably pleased. 9/10
Guilt Burden: Massively intimidating number of miniatures to paint – and that’s just the cool player characters and big monsters. 10/10

Dungeon Forge – In my pocket
At the price point, I couldn’t resist this neat little dungeon crawl set of terrain and miniatures from Spain. Very nice in the flesh. Scales great with 15mm. Already painting it up. Considering returning for more dungeon furnishings. Quite a lot of painting to get it game ready.
Summary Verdict: Awesome. Heroquest in miniature. 9/10
Guilt Burden: Quite a lot of painting to get it game ready, but nothing taxing. 6/10

Heroines in Sensible Shoes
Big fan or Oathsworn so had to jump on this one. Great character sculpts for any number of skirmish game systems. I did resist jumping on to the second Kickstarter more recently due to bouts of leadenitus (guilt derived from amassing too much lead miniatures).
Summary Verdict: Always great miniatures from Oathsworn. 10/10
Guilt Burden: Modest number of 12 miniatures – but they demand a ‘good’ paint job. 6/10 Continue reading Gamer Confessions: Those bloody (Kickstarter) buses…

Gamer Confessions: Please talk me out of it…

A post with out pictures!

Someone, anyone, please talk me out of pledging for Dark Souls currently on Kickstarter.

I do not need any more board games or miniatures.

I’ve got Conan and Black Plague still to arrive – so another big box of miniatures might actually kill me.

Yet I still need talked out of it. (Most readers of this blog will be well aware of the ‘shiny’ and ‘compulsive’ nature of this hobby of ours.)

Talk me out of it! There’s 10 days to go as I write this…

15mm Zombie Survivors: Frosty Pegg

I can’t believe I forgot to take and post a couple of pics of these guys. I painted them up about the same time as the other zombie hunters from a popular ‘TV show’ here and here.

No doubt great additions to the ‘back-burner’ project to do Zombicide in 15mm. Which reminds me – I’ve not posted anything to do with the hordes of 15mm zombies I’ve painted up…

They are from Rebel Minis, a stalwart source for 15mm goodness.

15mm Shaun of the Dead Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Just in case you think that red splodge on Shaun’s shirt is an error – it’s not. Just watch the movie if you haven’t already.

WIP for the New Year: The 28mm Bubble Bursts

I thought a little hobby update for the end of the year – which was a couple of days ago now.

The 28mm bubble has truly burst wide open. If I’m not careful I’ll inundate myself with so much new lead that I’ll be turned off the scale again!

In the last couple of months I’ve jumped on (belatedly) to another KS, made a couple of eBay ‘bargain’ buys and bought new stuff from retailers. Continue reading WIP for the New Year: The 28mm Bubble Bursts