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Mini Update: Ygs & Yangs – More CMG characters for 15mm skirmishing

Rushing this post a little so that these fellas are an option for selection as the basis of a Rogue Stars team for next weeks club meeting where the plan is to get several games of RS going all in 15mm! Currently at 3 pairs I think.

Call me unoriginal, but I liked the colour scheme used on the CMG website to showcase these guys that I pretty much copied it.

They are called Ygs Fighters. No idea who Ygs are nor do they strike me as ‘fighters’ per sae. More like a Science Away Team with a couple of body guards. Whatever the backstory, they are really nice models and full of character. They’d be well at home as a team in Rogue Stars for example.

You can find them here under “Mercenaries” on the Critical Mass Games website.

Now, who can I use as counterpart Yangs?

Critical Mass Games 15mm Mercenaries Ygs Fighters Critical Mass Games 15mm Mercenaries Ygs Fighters Continue reading Mini Update: Ygs & Yangs – More CMG characters for 15mm skirmishing

Gamer Confessions: Those bloody (Kickstarter) buses…

If you back a Kickstarter you hope its going to be fulfilled. Even better when it’s on time. But I wasn’t prepared for them all arriving at the same blinking time! I’m sure their creators have conspired to have delivery of pledges all to fall in the same space of a few weeks.

Here is the confession – what I’ve received in the course of the last few weeks, why I fell for it in the first place and what I thought of the goodies when they arrived.

Summary Verdict:
 High is good.
Guilt Burden: Low is good.

Zombicide: Black Plague
First off a real chunk of gaming-goodness arrived – Zombicide Black Plague in it’s entirety (Base game + expansion and add-ons). In short, nigh on two hundred 28mm miniatures (no, I’m not going to count them).
Summary Verdict: Awesome. I was hopeful for good quality (for plastic) miniatures and was suitably pleased. 9/10
Guilt Burden: Massively intimidating number of miniatures to paint – and that’s just the cool player characters and big monsters. 10/10

Dungeon Forge – In my pocket
At the price point, I couldn’t resist this neat little dungeon crawl set of terrain and miniatures from Spain. Very nice in the flesh. Scales great with 15mm. Already painting it up. Considering returning for more dungeon furnishings. Quite a lot of painting to get it game ready.
Summary Verdict: Awesome. Heroquest in miniature. 9/10
Guilt Burden: Quite a lot of painting to get it game ready, but nothing taxing. 6/10

Heroines in Sensible Shoes
Big fan or Oathsworn so had to jump on this one. Great character sculpts for any number of skirmish game systems. I did resist jumping on to the second Kickstarter more recently due to bouts of leadenitus (guilt derived from amassing too much lead miniatures).
Summary Verdict: Always great miniatures from Oathsworn. 10/10
Guilt Burden: Modest number of 12 miniatures – but they demand a ‘good’ paint job. 6/10 Continue reading Gamer Confessions: Those bloody (Kickstarter) buses…

Monkeying around on the fringes of space: 15mm Monkey Gang from Highlander

Highlander Studio’s in the States produce a number of interesting, not-available-elsewhere, miniatures and all to a very high standard. As soon as I spotted these monkey-boys I had to have them.


Not only do they slot in well as proxies for a 2000AD/Mega City One type of game (Judges are here) but they make a great space pirate/rogue group for Space Opera that can go up against their other genetically enhanced earth-based beast – so far painted Felids (cats) from Critical Mass and Bears from Khurasan. In the paint queue are dogs (CrtiMass and Traveller GW) and Rhinos from Khurasan.

They’d also go well as a gang for post-apocalyptic settings where genetic mutations were the norm. An area I’ve been drawn to for a long time but chat on the Fool’s Daily podcast has got my interest kindled again. Bought Across the Dead Earth recently which looks pretty good. (I know there was a reason I built that shanty town terrain…)


15mm Critical Mass PF mercenaries – Captain Bytt’s Hired Guns

I’ve said it before – I really really like PF sculpts and I’m gradually collecting them up. There is of course a difference between ‘buying’ them and ‘painting’ them (that ‘lead pile thing’).

These guys – Captain Bytt’s Hired Guns – are from Critical Mass Games, fine purveyors of some of the best 15mm sci fi around. News on their homepage is promising to add more options to the small band of Astagar Fighters from previous posts. Cool.

Critical Mass mercenariesCritical Mass mercenaries

Critical Mass Games Captain Bytt And Crew

Critical Mass Games Captain Bytt and Crew 15mm skirmish packThese fine chaps have been waiting for a paint job for a while now. Absolutely love the style, sculpts and detail on these. Again, some PF sculpts. Just wish there were more (gradually collecting all his 15mm work).

Minor conversions to the centre and centre-right fellows to make them more combat ready than originally intended (plus could do with some ‘Force’ types which I think they are prefect for).

Recently acquired an airbrush so may well go back and do their sabres more justice.

Captain Bytt And Crew

Critical Mass Games Captain Bytt And Crew