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Worms in Outer Space – Classic Worms from MJ Figures

Well these amusing little guys were purchased quite a long time ago now. And they were painted a long time ago too but I have only recently realised I never did take photos or blog about them. Maybe because I wasn’t sure what ‘genre’ they really matched nor how I was ever going to use them in a game setting.

Most of you will be familiar with the Worms video game. A classic in it’s day and I believe still going strong. Well MJ Figures took to the idea of producing a range of Worms loosely based on the franchise and appear to have run with the idea producing some cool, some silly, and some very tongue in cheek variants.

Worms 20mm from MJ Miniatures Sci Fi Fantasy Horror
All my worms together.

They appealed to my sense of humour so I picked up a few packs that contained enough types that I could possibly use in a Sci Fi or Post Apocalyptic setting. They are billed at 20mm but being what they are, could easily play alongside 15mm or 28mm.

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