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Still Learning: A Few 28mm Rackham and Red Box Characters for the likes of Frostgrave

I was looking to try some more ‘challenging’ miniatures and pulled this trio off the painting queue to accommodate. Left and right are Cadwallon miniatures from the defunct Rackham Miniatures and in the middle a grumpy looking fighter type from Red Box Miniatures (Hefty Hamish).

Halloween Special: A Medley of 28mm miniatures

When I say “Halloween Special” I do think the Zombicide Abominalpha is pretty monstrous and suitably ‘horror’. Likewise the two pistol wielding miniatures look very ‘Van Helsing-like’ to justify the otherwise loose use of the Halloween phrase in the post title.

That aside, these are a ‘random’ collection of miniatures that I decided to paint up – random in the sense that over time there are certain miniatures in your collection that frequently pop in to your mind from time to time, almost asking “Why have you not painted me yet?” These are a few of the lucky few that I actually decided that they had been waiting long enough already.

First up, the Zombicide Abominalpha from Black Plague. In the first picture next to a standard size 28mm from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Zombicide Rackham Cadwallon Oathsworn Hasslefree 28mm miniatures Zombicide Rackham Cadwallon Oathsworn Hasslefree 28mm miniatures Continue reading Halloween Special: A Medley of 28mm miniatures

Mini Update: “Northern” loose ends and a trip down memory lane

Like all in the hobby I remain a Magpie and flit from one project to the next (not necessarily having completed the first!). And some projects will simply know no end – such is my interest in things ‘Northern’. I use the term loosely and apply it such in both historical and fantasy terms. It can include Vikings, Norse Dwarves, Dark Age Saxons or anything with a furry cloak and warm gloves for that matter.

Here are a few ‘larger-scale-than-usual’ little paint jobs I’ve completed. No coherent connection between them except for the ‘Northern’ label described above.

This must be one of my favorite minis at the moment – this is a Rackham Confrontation/Cadwallon “Mercenary Officer” miniature I bought off eBay a while back now painted up. He will probably be a Captain for a Frostgrave warband (if Slaine doesn’t stand in) or a general for my little Saga force (I do not ‘care’ that he is not ‘Frankish’).

Rackham Cadwallon Mercenary Officer 28mm Miniature Continue reading Mini Update: “Northern” loose ends and a trip down memory lane

Rackham: Dusted off some warband members

During my hiatus from the hobby I did still flutter around the fringes and attend the occasional wargames show, sometimes with my son (in a rather selfish bid to entice him to the dark side). On one such occasion I allowed him to talk me in to buying  the boxed game from Rackham “Hybrid” which contained a number of very nice models and game tiles.

Racham Confrontation 28mm Fantasy Steampunk Frostgrave Warband Templars of Hod

Years sitting neglected and (almost) forgotten I dug it out as my interest in 28mm grew again. With Mordhiem or Frostgrave in mind I decided to paint up the “Templars of Hod” that came with the set.

After only getting half way through a couple of them (pictures) I’d already jumped on to eBay and made a few additional purchases. Likewise a deal on LAF which I couldn’t ignore. Continue reading Rackham: Dusted off some warband members