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First Impressions: 15mm 3D Printed Miniatures

The Lazy One’s 3D Printed 15mm Scif Fi Robots via Shapeways

Okay. I have my reservations on this one.

I’m always interested in new ways to do old things. 3d printing is one of those things that is becoming increasing accessible and affordable. Clearly to miniature collectors and gamers it’s a no-brainer that it could open up a world of possibilities.

I’ve occasionally perused the vaults of Shapeways and have been intrigued by the innovation of some folk. I had never really seen anything however that I was prepared to take a punt on until I came across these fellas. (This is the set I bought.)

3D Printed 15mm Sci Fi miniaturesMore of their history can be found here on Lead Adventures forums so I won’t go into that here.

My opinion after physically receiving a set of these guys? Continue reading First Impressions: 15mm 3D Printed Miniatures