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Multi-scale Zombiesmith Kuld for various genres

Once again, 28mm miniatures, but ideal (if not even better) for 15mm deployment. I’d spotted these fellas a while back but Zombiesmith is yet another US based company and unless I can muster a arge enough order I tend to leave it. Lo and behold some came up on eBay UK at a really good price. Bingo! (To those who wait…)

Needlesstosay, these guys are both cute and horrible at the same time. No doubt exactly as they are meant to be. It doesn’t take a leap of imagination to see how they can be re-purposed for a whole range of genres let alone the 15/28mm flexibility.

28mm Kuld from Zombiesmith I liked the blue used on the Zombiesmith website so I copied that scheme but broke it up a bit with the tan coloured underside and added some tribal markings. What you see below is half the pack, one of each sculpt. Should I paint the other hald I’ll try a different scheme. Continue reading Multi-scale Zombiesmith Kuld for various genres