Age of Mythology Coppelstone 15mm Barbarians Conan

In the Sandpit: Playing with scales and mini sources.

I was in one of those moods where I just fancied painting a few random miniatures and testers. I had a few barbarians to do – Copplestone, Splintered Light and TTG I think (the rubbish female – I wondered if paint would resurrect an otherwise underwhelming miniature – it didn’t).

Also pulled off the shelf were some ‘experiments’. A Reaper Bones warrior, a trio of Egyptian undead from the Age of Mythology board game and a demon from some other board game which I forget the name of at the moment (I don’t have that or AoM, figures bought as sprues). Also a repaint of a toy from my son’s more youthful days. I thought it would make an interesting creature. Remain a bit too cartoon like for my tastes though..

So the below turned in to a bit of a scale experiment too. In my head all can be justified in their size variations. Let me know what you think.

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