15mm Snow Trolls from Copplestone Castings. Frostgrave?

Winter is Coming: Copplestone 15mm Snow Trolls

Winter is coming… or being the beginning of February you’d think it might be going. But not for these fellas from the huge talent of Mark Copplestone. He’s stuffed about as much character and coolness (pun intended) into these trolls as you can at this scale.

15mm Snow Trolls from Copplestone Castings. Frostgrave?15mm Snow Trolls from Copplestone Castings. Frostgrave? 15mm Snow Trolls from Copplestone Castings. Frostgrave? 15mm Snow Trolls from Copplestone Castings. Frostgrave?15mm Snow Trolls from Copplestone Castings. Frostgrave?

These are my efforts. Check the Copplestone site for paint-ups by Kevin Dallimore to see how to do it properly. (I hasten to add I thought about an alternative colour scheme but decided that the blue and white – also used by KD – offered the best frosty-contrasting-colours.)

The 2 larger trolls don’t seem to be on the site at the moment. I guess they are OOP at the moment. As Andy Miller on the Frostgrave Facebook page kindly pointed out – I’m an idiot – these are from Copplestone’s 28mm range “High Adventure”, BC9 Yetis.

By the by, on the bases I didn’t want 100% snow so that the base ground colour would tie-in with other bases and terrain. So I did patches of white and built them up a bit with paint and glue. I thought the white PVA drying in a ‘puddle’ would be enough but there wasn’t enough sheen to work so a little gloss varnish was added. Me likes.

6 thoughts on “Winter is Coming: Copplestone 15mm Snow Trolls”

  1. Yeah! great trolls! Great paint !
    There are only few size differences between 28 mm Yetis and 15mm snow trolls. I’ve got only the 15mm one. 3 trolls is too much for my adventurers 😉
    Mine have full snow bases. I’ve paint them before the frostgrave floor 😀


    1. Thanks Stéphane. Saw your versions on your blog – even better! And you take such better photos too.

      More importantly, that Pantheon you’ve made – looks amazing! And all those plans for even more terrain.

      You’ve made me think – and I’d appreciate your thoughts on this. A while back I backed the KS High Heavens so I’ve now got a load of ‘Gods’ in 28mm (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ryanlesser/high-heavens-miniatures-egyptians-valkyrie-and-med/description).

      I’ve painted a couple up as is ‘real and living’. They are okay for plastics. The intent was to use some for Of Gods and Mortals. But seeing your range of statues on your Pantheon makes me wonder if I should treat them all as ‘statues’ instead…

      1. Hi ! Thanks for your compliments on my blog.

        For the forgiven gods I’ve used some miniature initially buying for an antic game about the troy war. But this project had never seen the daylight. 😀
        I’ve used them because these mini are in my lead mountain. But they are great for making statues.

        Yours look great with dynamic standing. But don’t restist to the lead’s call and go to buy foundry one for your futurs statues 😀

        1. I may do a test paint on a few and see how they look as statues for the High Heavens game itself and double up as in game statues.

          I’ll post pics and put it out there for comments if the result isn’t clear to me.

          I’ve a few spare hopolite 15’s that I’ll paint the same and see.

          Then I’ll move on to ripping off your terrain designs. I love the theme.

    1. I’m blushing. But I know they are not the same. But I wasn’t aiming for that. Reminds me to post something about painting styles. Kevin Dallimore is far more neat and controlled than my approach which is messier and I hope a bit more “realistic” in a dirty non-showcase way

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