An awfully beastly mob from Demonworld

Linking on from my last post on one of may favourite 15mm fantasy ranges (Demonworld from Ral Partha Europe) here is a large warband of Beastmen. After the barbarian/celtic themed minis they produce I think these are some of my favourite sculpts from the range – loads of detail, character and pose options.

This band is partly composed from the Blighthaven skirmish pack and a number other singles from the ‘humanoid’ size beastmen. Quite a few ‘larger’ beastmen to follow (some day).

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High Flying Dwarfs: 15mm Squadron from Demonworld

Sticking with the 15mm Dwarf theme, here are a few flyers from Ral Partha Europe who produce the rather excellent 15mm Demonworld range which, as any reader here will know, I am a massive fan of.

The gyro-copter is NOT a Demonworld mini and one that I’ve had for decades (as are the Demonworld models, I just never got around to painting them till recently). The copter is a 10mm figure from Pendraken but very much on the large size and scales very well with 15mm (indeed, the bulk of the rank and file for one of my dwarf armies are all Pendraken – not featured on this blog as they pre-date stuff here by about 20 years!).

I invested in these flyers back when I thought I might try Warhammer Fantasy/KoW/Warmaster in 15mm but never did (yet). Probably too specialist for a skirmish orientated game but I felt the need to paint them anyways.

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Mini Update: A long overdue nod to Battle Valor Games

A very fine 15mm fantasy manufacturer that has not made an appearance on this blog as yet is Battle Valor Games. This is no reflection on Battle Valor’s offerings themselves but on my tardiness to get around to painting up some of the miniatures I ordered from them quite some time ago (that was long before they got a UK distributor Dragon Frog Games which will help with excessive import duties and fees!). I hasten to add, gaming buddy Sam set up his own online shop specialising in ’15mm for the skirmish-orientated’ which has pulled together some great offerings from across the 15mm market under one roof – including Battle Valor Games miniatures. Check his shop here  – 15mm Skirmish Supplies.

As an enterprise BV is a relative new comer to the market but they (when I say they, I mean Ed) have made quite a prolific splash already. Amongst the several ‘units’ that I acquired were also a few ‘Personality’ packs which offer quite an interesting and varied mix of character types very suitable for the ‘skirmish-orientated’. The three fellows below are from the Orcian Personality Pack (mini on the left – I am sure there is a logical reason for his inclusion alongside the expected orc warriors and shamans) and the Frigian Personality Pack (centre and right minis). Together they make a fine themed trio of brigand/pirate/thief types.

Battle Valor 15mm Fantasy Battle Valor 15mm Fantasy

More posts on more completed Battle Valor Games miniatures in the near future.


No Half Measures: 28mm Haflings from Stonehaven

I’d been in the process of buying a few Oathsworn dwarfs and the odd halfling when I stumbled across this Kickstarter from Stonehaven Miniatures. Having a soft spot for vertically challenged fantasy races I jumped on board for the full pledge option.

They all arrived safely sometime ago and the miniatures live up to the promises. But, as all those suffering from leadpileanitus can vouch, it can take a while before those ‘planned projects’ see the light of day.

Such remains true for this halfling horde. However, I did take a brush to one of the rather ‘large’ stretch goals – the Treant. “This massive Old Growth Treant (Tree Troll) has been awakened…and he’s not a morning person! Model will measure 65mm to the eyes and will be cast in high-detail resin.” And it is large. The casting was pretty clean and he was good fun to paint. A few pics with some scale comparison shots.

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Coming in from the Cold with 15mm Green Skins from Demonworld

Most of you will have faced the same issue before now – a small handful of miniatures you’ve been meaning to paint for aaaaages but never picked them up for one reason or another.

Life has been a bit like that for me of late hence the prolonged hiatus from this blog. Coming back to it now marks checking off one of those many things that have fallen to the wayside – just like this little group of green skins.

One thing that hasn’t fallen by the wayside during this period is painting – and what I get out of it has been huge and rewarding. That also means, regards to this blog,  is that I have quite a back log of painted chaps to post and natter about. Not sure if I should post-date posts to fill in the break since May or just carry on?

Anyway, here are the little blighters from Demonworld (Ral Partha Europe). 15mm.
Demonworld 15mm Goblin

Demonworld 15mm Goblin
The little guy right of centre was a one-off Splintered Light goblin I picked up in a ‘Fantasy Gladiatorial’ set ages ago. Thought I’d get him sorted at the same time to avoid further orphaned miniatures.

Demonworld 15mm Goblin Demonworld 15mm Goblin Demonworld 15mm Goblin Demonworld 15mm Goblin Demonworld 15mm Goblin

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