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Mini Update: Blue Moon rising in 18mm

US based Blue Moon Manufacturing do quite a fun range of minis. 18mm, but not so large that they don’t play well with ‘generous” 15s.

From The Three Musketeers range – The Highwayman.

18mm Blue Moon highwayman 18mm Blue Moon highwayman

A rather shady fellow – though that blood red walking cane is a bit of a give away. From the Horror Range.  Purchased at the same time as this fellow vampire – that’s how long he’s been sitting on the shelf (which is still positively nothing compared to some…).

18mm Blue Moon horror vampire 18mm Blue Moon horror vampire

City Town Terrain for Mordheim or Frostgrave fantasy games

I’m not a terribly focussed terrain builder/maker as is probably evident from the end results of my tables. They tend to evolve and acquire increasing amounts of clutter over time without a great deal of consideration for consistency – I’ll mix resin, plastic, card, paper and foam core with 2d and 3d to suit.

The base for this table are 10″ square wooden panels. They were cut down from ‘left-over’ slotted panels used on wooden wine cases that I use as shelving for paints and miniature storage. They have a magnetic sheet covering and on top of that I printed out a portion of Pwork Darkburg paper terrain battlemap. Very Mordheim in flavour.

Some of the buildings and features appeared on another recent ‘Fantasy Venice’ attempt which follows a similar theme to this setup.

City Town Terrain for Mordheim or Frostgrave fantasy games
Some German Infantry (plastic HO/20mm scale) test out some Dave Graffam paper ruin terrain that has been based and bulked up with foam core. In the foreground a lone Splintered Light hero awaits a Blue Moon werewolf’s advances.

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Gothic Horror quickie: Some Blue Moon vampire slayers

A small party of Vampire Hunters / Slayers from Blue Moon Manufacturing. A little on the tall side at 18mm but my scale-tolerance levels can see passed that. I’m not a heightist!

Always like a character model that can do double duty – aside from the obvious gothic horror these not-overly-period chaps could appear in ‘vanilla’ fantasy, pulp adventures or even post-apocalyptic scenarios at a pinch. Yeah!

They join this small crew painted a while back.

Blue Moon Vampire Hunters 15mm

A couple of old hags: Blue Moon 15mm witches

I bought this pack a while ago from Blue Moon Manufacturing correctly thinking that these ladies would make great characters or plot point/objectives for various skirmish periods. There are 6 different sculpts in the pack but I’ve only painted up these two lovelies so far. One your stereotypical ‘Snow White’ witch, the other more gypsy inspired.

I don’t know what it is but over the last few months I’ve been acquiring quite a few witches in 15/18mm. (I hope their curses don’t transfer to miniature representations.) I feel a comparison review coming up in the future…



In honor of the new Doctor

First lot of pics of my recent efforts of taking photos of miniatures. Despite researching this I still can’t get a decent field of depth.

As to the new Doctor. Out on a limb here – because I don’t know what folk are saying because of my hermit like existence – but IMHO – it’s rubbish! We are about 5 or 6 episodes in and there has been one ‘not bad’ episode. The rest range from pretty poor to rubbish.

Don’t get me wrong – I think Peter Capaldi makes a great Doctor (potentially anyway) but the story-lines and some of the writing are terrible. Some of the dialogue can be sharp but come on, the rest is pretty pants.

Anyway, 15mm Doctor Who and assistant here. Obviously my take on a ‘future’ Doctor with smoking jacket (how un-pc) and hat. He’s from Bluemoon Manufacturing’s range of Vampire Hunters. The assistant (we’ll call her Amy) is a not-Walking Dead survivor from Khurasan Miniatures. The Tardis is a thrown together papercraft thing (with caved in roof because the thing was so fiddly).Doctor Who, Assistant and Tardis 15mm

Well, if your gonna mess with the good Doctor, why not a new disguise for the Tardis. The privé disguise could work both ways – “No way am I going in there!” or “My God I’m bursting”.Doctor Who, Assistant and Prive 15mm


Arrgh Matey, some Piratical Goodness

Yet another project on the slow burner is a Pirate centred game. I have a stack ready to paint and added a few fantasy elements to make the thing more ‘me’. Also converted a couple of Megablok pirate ships to work with 15mm (or 28mm if needed). More on those later. (I started with two ships that used to be my son’s, gathering dust in the attic – before I’d finished three more were purchased off eBay. No, I never learn).

So I thought it high time I actually painted some of the jolly rogers. For some reason I see the whole thing as a multiplayer game so split my collection in to ‘balanced’ groups of around 8 men each with the intent of painting with a unified, but ‘not in your face’ colour scheme. Go team pirate!

This first crew got dark green and crimson.

For the life of me I’m trying to get my camera to give better field of depth but am failing. I will try and get better at pics. I have set up this ‘stage’ though. Think it works.