Oathsworn Miniatures Female Dwarves 28mm

Mini Update: A couple of female Oathsworn Dwarfs for Fostgrave (or similar)

You may well know of my love of 15mm but I still love painting up 28mm too! Especially those from the superb Oathsworn. Recently this has been mostly in the form of their Burrows and Badgers range which is quite excellent. However some time back I managed to score what remained in stock (at the time) of their great Dwarven range (see how I’ve not mentioned the halflings and Sensible Shoes minis I’ve waiting patiently in the wings as well…). Sadly the dwarves are no longer available on their site.

The purchase included these two damsels who wouldn’t look out of place as part of a Frostgrave party. As with all Oathsworn minis, they are full of character and a pleasure to paint.

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