A consideration for displaying your painted miniatures

A little off tangent here but maybe of interest to some visitors to this blog.

I bought these drawer cabinets from The Works some time back – when they were £12 a pop – now £15 as you can see from this link.

There was no intention of using them as drawers as such but they have proved very good as hanging displays which was my intent. What to do with the removed drawers? Well you can judge for yourself if you think they would – with some paint and customisation – work as habitats and buildings for a city table top.

I have also assembled and glued together a bunch of the drawers to create yet more display ‘cases’.

Anyway, the intent of this post was to highlight the availability of these to folk not aware of them yet – I think £15 a pretty fair price for what you get.

Top row are 15mm minis, the bottom row 28mm including a couple of ‘larger’ models. So a good size.With 15mm for scale.With 6mm Epic. 15mmMostly 28mm.Cobbled together using left over drawers. Okay, not perfect but it’s functional and tucked away.

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