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Mini Randomness: Spring Cleaning the Media Library

I was just scanning the Media Library and there a few pictures in there to post that didn’t really have enough clout to justify their own dedicated post so I thought I’d do a bit of a random medley just to get them online. Apart from the 15mm there is little theme going on here…

A Reptilian Gladiator type from Splintered Light (I think). I was between some ‘unit batch’ painting and wanted a break so pulled this fellow of the ‘ready to paint’ shelf (I’ve a lot of those). Continue reading Mini Randomness: Spring Cleaning the Media Library

Monkeying around on the fringes of space: 15mm Monkey Gang from Highlander

Highlander Studio’s in the States produce a number of interesting, not-available-elsewhere, miniatures and all to a very high standard. As soon as I spotted these monkey-boys I had to have them.


Not only do they slot in well as proxies for a 2000AD/Mega City One type of game (Judges are here) but they make a great space pirate/rogue group for Space Opera that can go up against their other genetically enhanced earth-based beast – so far painted Felids (cats) from Critical Mass and Bears from Khurasan. In the paint queue are dogs (CrtiMass and Traveller GW) and Rhinos from Khurasan.

They’d also go well as a gang for post-apocalyptic settings where genetic mutations were the norm. An area I’ve been drawn to for a long time but chat on the Fool’s Daily podcast has got my interest kindled again. Bought Across the Dead Earth recently which looks pretty good. (I know there was a reason I built that shanty town terrain…)


15mm Galactic A-Holes from Highlander Studios

I love the names some people come up with!

As you will see, these are imagined more from the print rendition of these characters rather than the 2014 movie. Highlander Studios (Rod) is great to deal with and there miniatures are full of character. Shame they are in the wrong country. You may have to email directly about these A-Holes and their Space Pals.

Varnish a bit shiny here. Will tone down when matt spray arrives!

Galactic A-Holes Galactic A-Holes