Khurasan Colonial Marines 15mm

Mini Randomness: Spring Cleaning the Media Library

I was just scanning the Media Library and there a few pictures in there to post that didn’t really have enough clout to justify their own dedicated post so I thought I’d do a bit of a random medley just to get them online. Apart from the 15mm there is little theme going on here…

A Reptilian Gladiator type from Splintered Light (I think). I was between some ‘unit batch’ painting and wanted a break so pulled this fellow of the ‘ready to paint’ shelf (I’ve a lot of those).

Splintered Light 15mm Reptilian Gladiator

Splintered Light 15mm Reptilian GladiatorSimilar to the above. I’d been painting up the Japanese Corporate troops featured previously and these two had been staring me in the eye for a while. I thought I’d better paint them up. One of those challenges where I wasn’t too keen on the sculpts or casting and wondered if a paint job could bring them to life. I think these are from or possibly the TTG range. robots ttgs robots ttgs robots ttgs

Always need a troop of Colonial Marines for a bug hunt. These are the fellows you want if you’re doing this in 15mm. Reminds me that I’ve never taken pictures of the ‘bugs’. Another day. From Khurasan Miniatures.

Khurasan Colonial Marines 15mmAnother little ‘filler’ paint up. Pulled off at random from a much larger group. I really like Splintered Light’s modern/post apocalyptic/zombie survivor miniatures. I just wish they were a little larger.

Splintered Light 15mm Post Apocalypse or zombie survivors

I’d recently bought the Scale75 set of flesh tone paints (from Northumbrian Tin Soldier – because he’d taken the time to talk to me in some detail at Carronade about the paints in the first place = returned customer) and wanted to give them ago so I picked out these ‘flesh generous’ couple from the shelves. Like I’ve said before, the quality and the techniques that result from these amazing paints are pretty much lost on 15mm scale where more contrast is required. Ape Man Set (read ‘Tarzan and Jane’) from Highland Studios.

Highland Studios Tarzan and Jane 15mm

Highland Studios Tarzan and Jane 15mmThat wraps up this Spring Cleaning session. Hopefully a few comments or links that prove useful.

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