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Hello World. I’m a 40+ thing that likes miniatures – collecting, painting and occasionally gaming. Feel free to comment on anything you see.


Just be gentle on any critiques! I’ve noticed that photos of miniatures tend to show up flaws not visible to the naked eye.


3 thoughts on “About Warchest”

  1. Hello Jimboba,

    I’ve noted your comments on ‘The Miniatures Page’; do you still fancy some White Dragon MTU troopers (the wildly undersized ones 🙂 )? I have some leftover from my Salute binge and you could get them before the kickstarter begins (but only just).

    1. I’ve posted this on TMP not knowing where you’re likely to see it.

      Hi A Wargamer
      Sorry, missed your post here but saw your message on my blog. Thanks for perservering!

      Yes, I’d love a squad if you still have one. Let me know what you are looking for (cash via Paypal or swaps) either on my blog or send me a email james*at*warchest*dot*com

      Swap-wise, I’ve many. Being a ‘skirmisher/collector/painter’ at heart I don’t do duplicates very well so normally have copies of most things I’ve bought (a lot). Load of 15mm sci fi and fantasy… Just ask, I might have.

      1. No problem; I’ll send a selection. Do you have access to my e-mail address so I know where to send them ?(I think’Scotland’ might be a bit vague for the postal service)

        I’ll go for a swap and have a look round at the difficult to obtain things that you might have.

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