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15mm Dark Ages. Arthurian Warrior Warband

Before anyone complains, I know – this band is a mash-up of a few periods and races. Trust me, I know; but I don’t care. My interpretation of a Dark Ages warrior band is simply that. Mine. And it benefits from lashings of fantasy, artistic license and buckets of personal preferences.

These are mostly Splintered Light Miniatures and Xyston Miniatures and at the moment represent a sub-Roman Arthurian band of warriors. Initially conceived for Songs of Blades and Heroes (specifically The Song of Arthur and Merlin) but with additions from my more ‘conventional’ 15mm hosts I could easily run forces for SAGA or either of the Dux rule sets. But that’s a different story.

Gamer Confession*: Despite having a few hundred painted Dark Age and Early Medieval forces, and a host of unpainted of the same, I am waiting for a new order from Splintered Light Miniatures for more Vikings, sub-Romans and other friends. Does that make me bad? (David at SLM was having a 20% sale!)

* Gamer Confession is a new category I’m going to be adding occasionally. This represents the little miniature demon that haunts all wargamers/miniature painters/collectors. Basically the ‘shiny syndrome’. I’m doing this to remind myself when I’ve been bad and need to pull myself up for adding unnecessarily to the lead pile, extensive and growing project list or similar.

15mm Splintered Light Dark Ages 15mm Splintered Light Dark Ages 15mm Splintered Light Dark Ages