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Can’t see the point of basing: A dalliance with transparent acrylic basing

See what I did there?

Nevermind. I’m a bit slow too. Like the time it has taken me to try out for myself the wonders of transparent basing. Many of us spend hours creating lovely textured and decorated bases to accompany our little painted gems. Personally I’ve always been a ‘less is less’ type of guy when it comes to basing. Keep it simple, neutral colours and focus on the mini. If possible blend in with the ‘expected’ playing surface (in my case the same palette for all bases and terrain bases).

These new(ish) fangled acrylic bases do away with the need for all of the above. You’ll have seen it done to great effect many times already but it’s taken me this long to give it a go myself.

Now, there is NO way I am going to rebase my entire collection. Tim Mc was right to point out that the benefits are far better had by sci fi settings than say historical or fantasy (where the variables of terrain type are larger, potentially). As good a starting place as any.

With that in mind – and coinciding with a foray in to Rogue Stars (28 and 15mm) – and coinciding with having  a few old and stripped down minis ready to paint – and coinciding with a Heroclix repaint experiment  – and coinciding with discovering a few 15mm’s didn’t have magnetically attractive washer bases – I thought I’d give it a bash.

(Negative note: Clearly acrylic bases have no magnetic or magnetically attracting properties – so a reliance on either for transport or movement trays becomes defunct – obviously).

First up, the 15s. I painted these guys a while back but when I was looking them out to take to a battle it transpired the washers I’d used were not ferrous. So I was going to have to replace them. I thought I’d try the transparent bases instead.

Forgive the indulgence but I’ve taken new shots (for Before and After) as the original post they were pretty ropey. FYI they are “15mm PNHE Cyborg Agents — Prohibited Non-Human Eradication” as the Khurasan site does not make finding specific models easy at all.

Before:15mm Khurasan PNHE Cyborg Agentsand After:15mm Khurasan PNHE Cyborg AgentsWith some Assault Publishing/Oddzial Osmy minis on normal bases.

15mm Khurasan PNHE Cyborg AgentsAnd most importantly, both base types on a textured/patterned playing surface. See the point?

15mm Khurasan PNHE Cyborg Agents 15mm Khurasan PNHE Cyborg Agents

And the bigger boys. 28mm for an outing as a Rogue Stars crew.

An old Rogue Trader pirate that needed a paint touchup.Games Workshop oldie Rogue Trader Pirate Captain Games Workshop oldie Rogue Trader Pirate CaptainAn equally old Games Workshop Imperial Guard Beastman (I think). Again, extensive touchup.
Games Workshop oldie Beastman Imperial Guard Infantryman A 28mm Palansi from Cobalt available from Black Hat

28mm Palansi from Cobalt available from Black Hat And for a bit of fun and pulp culture, a 28mm Indy Heroclix Strontium Dog repaint

28mm Indy Heroclix Strontium Dog repaint 28mm Indy Heroclix Strontium Dog repaint 28mm Indy Heroclix Strontium Dog repaint And the happy group shot.The whole Rogue Star GangWell that’s my take on transparent bases and the handful of minis that got me through the first trial. Effective and ultimately a time saving alternative to traditional basing. I’ll be rolling out some more in the future and may even retrofit a few for ‘cohesive’ crew basing.

8 thoughts on “Can’t see the point of basing: A dalliance with transparent acrylic basing”

    1. Hi Allan. Superglue. Stuff that I know that’s not prone to frosting plastic. No pinning. Time will tell if that’s okay but it seems strong enough. Id probably pin a mini with only one foot on the base.

  1. Very nice. I see the point now! It looks much better ‘without’ a base.
    I’m not sure I’d want to hack the base off every figure though.

  2. Hi Jimboba,
    But I would personally do it on 28mm only as some of the 15mm feet are way too small to work with, especially if one wants to pin. Those Khurasan minis are small ( real 15mm ) but you did a great job with them.
    The bases look great on the space crusade floor.
    Keep it up

    1. Thanks Z. Yes they are smaller but therefore don’t carry the weight to require pinning (I hope). And less lead to get integral bases off.
      I need to redo the faces. I painted these at a time when I should probably have been using the reading glasses I now have to use…

  3. A technical question here; how did you remove the moulded on bases from the figure? The last (and only) time I tried, well let’s just say that if the figure was a real person then he’d limp a bit.

    1. A fine hacksaw blade works. Or snip around the feet with tin snips and grind away excess under the foot area with sandpaper or a dremel. (Best done on unpainted minis for obvious reasons ).
      Hope that helps.

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