Khurasan Mutant Super Soldiers 15mm

15mm Khurasan Mutants: Super Soldiers and Forsaken

All of these miniatures would be equally happy (if they can be happy) in either a sci fi or post apocalyptic environment. The Mutant Super Soldiers in particular are A+ on all fronts – style, sculpting and character. The Forsaken (mutant scavenger low tech probably-cannibals-types) are an A- only becuase of their fragility.

In both cases I’ve tried to increase variety with various earthy skin tones. IMHO “must buys” for any 15mm gaming in these genres. Please forgive the tartan livery on the Super Soldiers – I started with some simple lines which weren’t working and ended up with Caledonian Brutes (or Bay City Roller’s fans gone bad). If Khurasan decided to extend the Super Soldier line with another pack or two (heavy weapons would be good and more assault-types) I’d be very happy!

Check Khurasan’s Mutants at the End of Time line (can’t link directly to them at the moment due to site being partly off at the moment).

Mutants and Death Ray Guns anyone?

Khurasan Mutant Super Soldiers 15mm

Khurasan Mutant Forsaken 15mm

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