Critical Mass mercenaries

15mm Critical Mass PF mercenaries – Captain Bytt’s Hired Guns

I’ve said it before – I really really like PF sculpts and I’m gradually collecting them up. There is of course a difference between ‘buying’ them and ‘painting’ them (that ‘lead pile thing’).

These guys – Captain Bytt’s Hired Guns – are from Critical Mass Games, fine purveyors of some of the best 15mm sci fi around. News on their homepage is promising to add more options to the small band of Astagar Fighters from previous posts. Cool.

Critical Mass mercenariesCritical Mass mercenaries

3 thoughts on “15mm Critical Mass PF mercenaries – Captain Bytt’s Hired Guns”

  1. I agree, PF sculpts are excellent, I like his Ygs figures sold by CMGs, I wish they would expand that range, you have done a great job on these, I like the red and brown ones the best.

  2. Critical Mass Games commented on this post on TMP confirming that there are, indeed, a whole bunch of Astagar’s in the pipe.

    Ygs are primed and awaiting colouring in (it’s a long queue though!)

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