10 thoughts on “Absolutely final entry for the Teletubbies in Space”

  1. Just having a flick through some older stuff, getting ideas for some of the figures I have still to paint.
    I love the colour of the guy in the centre, that cherry red is great!
    Which paint did you use for that?

  2. Hi Ralph. I think I probably used the Wargames Foundry triumvirate Wine Stain Red for most of him. Having said that, I don’t tend to follow the triumvirate themselves and create shades by mixing other colours. That’s not really going to help if you don’t have Foundry paints. And having said that, it may be based around Citadel Mechrite Red.

    If I were painting him again today I’d be using some Scalecolor red tones I got a few months ago from Scale75. They are impressive paints. http://www.arcaneminiatures.co.uk/miniatures-detail.asp?ID=37152

  3. I have winestain red, I use the Foundry paints a lot. Mostly because I have so many. I’d like to gradually change to Vallejo.
    Haven’t heard of Scalecolor, I’ll have to have a look.

    1. Good luck spilling that wine then!

      The Scalecolor stuff is quite different to what I (and probably you too if u use Foundry). I was sceptical of various review comments I read but they are true. Main characteristics I can see are;
      1. Consistency is perfect.
      2. Goes on like silk
      3. Strong coverage
      4. Dries to a light-sucking matt finish (can be glossed up if necessary)
      5. Additional tint layer blend extremely well with the layer below. This last point is the one that needs to be seen. If painting a larger area, say folds on a 28mm cloak, I couldn’t believe the tonal blending. When applied you can see the layer you’d expect. But once it dries is blends in. At first I though the paint had just been sucked in to the layer below but it was still doing its highlighting job – just really subtle.

      Probably wasted on little 15mms but impressive. If I had a couple of hundred to drop on paints I’d buy the range. Well I do, but I’ve also got a few hundred bottles of paint already on the shelves … more storage? 😉 Christmas is getting closer…

  4. Sounds incredible!
    I think I’m going to have to investigate (by which I mean purchase, of course…).
    Have you got a link to something you’ve used them on?

    1. Not really. Like I mentioned, the qualities are a bit lost on 15mm which is my main focus at the moment. I’ve also used it on a couple of 28s and some terrain but nothing photographed or properly finished. I only got them a month or so ago and my photography/posts are about 4 months behind my actual painting schedule (i.e. I take the pics in batches then work through the posting when I get some time).

      I was short of a good selection of reds so took the chance on their Red set to compliment existing. You might consider the same for testing purposes. I’ll certainly be going back for the Flesh set and maybe a NMM set – that’s if I don’t just go for the full whack – http://www.scale75.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=55_59&product_id=151

      Let me know how you get on.

      1. I do have a few 15mm dragons in the paint queue. I’m pretty sure at least one of them will be ‘Red’.

  5. I paint a lot of 28mm too, so it’s all good.
    Reds are always a problem, so I may get that or the flesh set. Not sure I can stretch to the full set! A custom NMM sounds tempting too. I may try to conquer that one I’m bored of trying to get the hang of OSL!

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