The ‘Haggis’ is ready for devouring: Oathsworn pussycat completed

As avid followers will know (chuckles to himself) I was struggling somewhat trying to get Non-metallic-metal to work for this great miniature from Oathsworn.

My first and second efforts were not happy – and I appealed to the wider community for some input which I received many a useful comment and link to online tutorials. I did have another run at the sword in particular (and I was sure I’d taken pictures but for the life of me cannot find them right now). It remained “okay” but I didn’t get that “finished!” feeling we all look for when painting something up.

I had Haggis propped in a prime eye-ball position and mulled over what to do for a good number of weeks. Try again or go metal? Well the other day I said enough is enough and went with the latter. I laugh at myself now but within a minute or two of applying the base coat a great sense of relief came over me – “that was more like it!” I thought to myself.

Oathsworn 25 28mm anthropomorphic fantasy miniaturesAnyway, I thought I’d post this follow up for anyone that was interested in how this particular tale ended. “I gave up on NMM!” But I don’t see it as a defeat – I see the finished job as one that I am happy with. Maybe I’m just too old school for NMM. I will, when I get round to painting up some Infinity models, try again.

On the plus side that niggle has be removed and the ‘block’ that was holding me back from some productive painting will let me get on with the rest of the critters from Oathsworn.
Oathsworn 25 28mm anthropomorphic fantasy miniatures IMG_6786_oathsworn

Oathsworn 25 28mm anthropomorphic fantasy miniatures
Don’t know why I bothered posting this angle – not the most interesting shot out there!

4 thoughts on “The ‘Haggis’ is ready for devouring: Oathsworn pussycat completed”

  1. Certainly looks the part, NMM can look stunning, but unless you get it perfect it wont look right, I personally think its over rated, you get just as good results with metalics, I think the best use for NMM is that high shine Sci Fi metal look, with the ground reflection etc, but only if you can pull it off.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Dan. Yes, I haven’t got it – yet – but like I said, I’ll give it another go when I get round to painting some Infinity scifi (most of my scifi is 15mm and NMM would be lost on most of that I think). As to ground reflection etc (Sky-Earth) I think I’ll wait a little longer yet…

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